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Spinal Orthotics

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Spinal Orthotics

Sacral belt





Sacral orthosis SO

Sacral belt provides tension and compression to the sacrum and pelvis

Lumbosacral corset





Lumbar Sacral Orthosis LSO
Corset provides compression and mild motion control






Warm-n-form provides compression and mild motion control

Chairback Brace





Chair back orthosis limits motion and provides abdominal compression

Boston Overlap Brace





Boston Overlap Brace effectively reduces lordosis, provides abdominal compression and excellent motion control. It is most successful in treating spondylolisthesis

Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis TLSO

Dorso-lumbar corset





Dorso-lumbar Corset prevents forward flexion and provides abdominal compression minimally effective for resisting kyphosis

Spinomed 3





Spinomed 3 very easy to don moderately effective in resisting Kyphosis, assists strengthening the paraspinal muscles and provides abdominal compression

Taylor brace





Taylor orthosis effectively restricts thoracic flexion and provides abdominal compression

CASH Orthosis





CASH Orthosis effectively resists thoracic flexion without restricting other motions. Used for thoracic compression fractures

Jewett Hyperextsion





Jewett Orthosis resists thoracic flexion and some lateral motion. Used for thoracic compression fractures.

Bi-valved body jacket





Bi-valved body jacket  effectively controls flexion, extension lateral bending and rotation. Used for spinal fractures and Post operative treatment.

Anterior opening TLSO





Anterior opening TLSO effectively controls flexion, extension lateral bending and rotation. Used for spinal fractures and Post operative treatment.

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